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Critical Issues for understanding a Bank- Robin Trehan

There are multitudes of issues to work on while analyzing a bank. They can be broken down to Asset Quality, Liquidity, Earnings, Capital, Sensitivity to Market Risk, Management. Asset Quality- Distribution and Severity of Classified Assets. Substandard, Doubtful, or Loss. Asset Quality of adversely classified assets, nonaccruals, and concentration of risk inherent in the loan […]

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Banks and Blockchain- Robin Trehan

It’s no secret that banks today are seeking out ways to implement blockchain technology. By combining technologies, such as cryptography, shared databases and blockchain, professionals can simultaneously access real-time digital ledgers. However, there are key other areas of finance that will be affected the most. Let’s take a closer look. Clearing and Settlement This is […]

bitcoin-blockchain banking

Blockchain: Disruption

It is hard to deny the shortcomings of today’s financial sector. Not only a large percentage of our population underserved but those who are at a higher risk of fraud and crime. The financial services, like stock exchanges, money transfer services and the like have a high rate of economic crimes annually. The reason behind […]